paragliding detection system
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paragliding detection system
paragliding system

AirWhere - Downloads

In downloading the follow software you agree to the following disclaimer
CP210x drivers

USB driver for the Amica Boards, any board with the CP2012 USB-Serial Chip

CH340G driver

USB driver for the Lolin Boards, any board with the CH340G USB-Serial Chip


Tool to Upload the first binary to the Nodemcu Chip

AirWare Binary

Live version of AirWhere - Use this for normal flying -

Please keep checking for updates via the AirWhere web interface, AirWhere works well but we are constantly improving and changing functionality. -

AirWare Development Binary -

Development version of AirWhere - use this for testing under request from us only - do not use for testing or live.

Complete install for XCS/LK8000 - with OTG and UK Maps.

Download the "KoboRoot.tgz" file and place it directly, without unzipping, into the .kobo directory of your KOBO (Note the dot!). Then Reboot the KOBO to enable automatic install to take place
- by Tonino Tarsi / AirWhere -

Multilauncher to run both XCS/LK8000 together

- by Tonino Tarsi - Optional - install XCS and LK8000 (as above) and then add this version. Select either XCS or LK8000, this option allows you to run them both side by side. Thanks to Tonino!

Kobo Sounds Binary 57600 baud

- To be used with the ESP Flasher download on this page.

Kobo Sounds Binary 9600 baud

- To be used with the ESP Flasher download on this page.


- To be copied to configuration directory in LK8000.

paragliding system
paragliding detection system