paragliding detection system
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paragliding detection system
paragliding system

AirWhere - Links

AirWhere Test Map - Web logging running the Development version - Niviuk Paragliders
Live Track 24 - An excellent tracking website, Airware can be configured to track here !
Fairhaven Electonics Ltd - Excellent wrist or riser mounted altmeter website- packed with features, combined with a super sensitive vario with really loud audio. For paragliding, hang gliding and paramotor pilots. !
BlueFly Vario - Blue Fly Vario - excellent GPS/Vario for our needs
KTrax - Excellent live tracking page for Europe
50k-or-bust - Great information for building Kobos
Share GPS - Excellent App for sharing your GPS - Please support if you use!
Kobo Sounds - Adding Sounds to your kobo for £3
Soldering Tips
paragliding  system
paragliding detection system