paragliding detection system
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paragliding detection system
paragliding system

AirWhere - Building Your Own!

Quick Build links

Wifi/Ground station Version                  Standalone Version            Kobo/Integrated Version            OTG ( USB ) Version            Building Diagnostics        

These ( wifi version ) units will shortly be available complete and ready to fly also the hard wired with internal GPS, please contact us if you would like one, we would like to get the project fully checked and working before selling them complete, but if on a tight budget and you have some electronics and soldering experience then hopefully this page will give you enough information to build your own AirWhere unit for the parts cost of around £25 now as the radio module is now only £8, why would you not have one for so cheap !.

Please try not to make these for yourself and sell them, we have put hours and hours of design and build and we are giving the design and code away for free at the moment, if we find anyone selling them for themselves we will have to create some kind of license and it would ruin it for everyone !, if you wish to make several for club members please contact us and then we can discuss this, aslong as its all done for for no profit then this is ok with us.

The whole process from start to finish will take around 1-3 hours, and after just 10-20 mins and spending £2.99 on the hardware you should be viewing yourself on pages on LK8000 or XCSoar and see yourself on the web

Allow a bit longer to complete the unit and mount the parts into your choice of case.

We are looking for techy people in various areas, perhaps associated with their local club that can give advice on setting up the units for new pilots, so if you have made one and dont mind being helping other pilots in your area, let me know, thanks

Once you have the hardware running AirWhere is FREE ! and will alway be FREE, so all feedback and help with testing and improving this idea will be gratefully accepted :)

To build an AirWhere unit, you will need to know how to install drivers, to download and unzip from the web, soldering skills and some idea of how to make a box to fit it in. If that sounds like too much hard work then email us for a ready-made AirWhere unit

Please read all the instructions on this page fully before starting! If something isn't clear then please read them again and then tell us so we can improve it for the next guy!. Thanks

These web pages are currently under construction so more information will be added to the build, please email for any help.

Anyone that builds one of these please email us and let us know then we can add you to our mailing lists as new versions come out, the project is pretty much in its infancy so there will be some bugs to fix we are sure !

AirWhere - Ground Station

For information how to build a ground station to track Airware units without mobile data please visit this Page

AirWhere - Please Register

Please Register your unit so you will have your own unique ID. This is useful in the building process as we have now changed the system so we hold all ID's here and you can assign yourself any number between 100 and 60000. Initially to get you started we will create a random ID for you to use, every time the system is switched on and off it will create another random ID - please visit the webpage on the unit ( described later ) and add in your ID and pilot name.

AirWhere - Using a Kobo with the UK League

Click here to visit a page helping you use your kobo with the UK league.

- Please visit this page for info.

paragliding system
paragliding detection system