paragliding detection system
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paragliding detection system
paragliding system

AirWhere - Ground Station

Hopefully by now you will know that Airware will provide a web page view of you and other pilots, passing data from your mobile as you fly. So not only can it log and display you but also any other aircraft it finds within radio range of you.

But as we know, mobile data is quite unreliable at height and may cost money to use your mobile data plan.

There is an alternative: to provide a Ground Station connected to a landline router where data isn't charged. This will be permanently switched on and log all pilots in a 12-15km radius, to the web.

We already have the technology tested and in place in one area, so we are just waiting for pilots to start using the AirWhere units.

If you would you like to set one up for your hill or club, especially if you're on a common XC route----Please contact us.

Imagine being able to track and display pilots passing on Google Maps! And see which hills are flying in your area

We can also supply an "internet free" version for areas without Data and you would like to log to a stand alone PC, great for comps or local flying

To enable ground station mode so you dont have to connect a gps and can just use an Nodemcu and a RFLora please install as per the wifi version and on the bottom of the node's webpage, there will be a button to switch to ground station mode. Press this button, and enter your Lat/Long details precisely and then you are good to go. The ground station will upload a image onto the tracking of your station and then it will broadcast a keep alive packet every 5 minutes , details of which will be shown when clicking on your ground station icon. If you power goes off or the internet dies, the ground station will then reboot itself within 5 minutes and keep rebooting itself until the internet comes back, hopefully this will be fit and forget.

Details of aerial choices and installation will be added here when we have a good idea of the best setup.

The ground station is simply a wifi version :- WiFi version

This tool is useful to see how far your install can see elevation tool

Please email us at Air Where Email
paragliding system
paragliding detection system