paragliding detection system
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paragliding detection system

paragliding system

How to update your AirWhere

This page will help you update your airwhere to the latest version. This procedure takes a few minutes and requires a laptop with wifi or smart phone - Unless you understand what you are changing please DO NOT change any other configuration details as this may stop your airwhere working!!!

Firstly before you start you will need to register an ID for your unit, recently the ID system has been changed so if you dont have a 4 digit ID or have not registered you will need to do the following step.

Proceed to the registration page and type in your email and choose a password and press sign up. You will then receive an email asking you to confirm your email address, if you dont receive one, check spam to see if its there or any other issues - contact us. Once you have verified your email proceed to log in and then press add aircraft and add your details, your airwhere manufacturer should stay at 04 and you can choose an ID for yourself, its 4 digits from 0001 to FFFF, but dont worry about the letters, just choose a 4 digit number if you like - eg 2345.

Ok, you now have your details stored and an ID for your unit. Switch your airwhere unit on and then wait for it to power up. Take a phone or laptop with wifi on and then you look for the new airwhere wifi access point - if you are using an android phone please switch your data off, android will try look for airwhere on the internet and the connection will take a long time. Log into this access point with password 12345678 ( or if this has been changed before, please add the new password that has been configured instead ) and then open a webbrowser and type in, this should open the airwhere web page configuration. If it's a Base Station first switch it back to Airwhere mode. (If you can now see at the top your Home Wifi details are filled in procced to the next paragraph.) Press config or pilot config and then find the access point and password and fill these in with your home router details, be careful as its case sensitive. Do not change the access point password of 12345678 unless you definately mean to ! Press submit and then follow the above procedure again to connect to the access point again, you should now see it says Internet connected on screen - if it doesnt contact us to help solve this issue.

Now press check for new version and then update, if there are any issues, it will let you know, just go back to checking and then try again. Wait for the scroll bar to complete and then go back to your wifi, switch the wifi on and off and then reconnect to the unit. Connect to the webpage once more and your version number on the page should have change to the new version. If this doesnt do try again, various network issues and the like can stop this working - it will work in the end :)

To fill in your new ID, go into configure pilot info, add your new AirWhere ID and press submit. Go to wifi again on your phone and wait for a while, perhaps turn it on and off and a new access point will appear with your new ID, connect to this access point again and log into airwhere config. You should see the new ID and the new version.

This should be now updated and you are ready to go

This video shows the complete procedure

paragliding  system

paragliding detection system